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1.东西丢了:lost the key,can’t found the note

2.剃头:hardly bald,hairstyle change for not covering the eyes, cut curl hair

3.搭车:pick up the third one at the airline, give me a rideto the office

4.穿衣:a jean and T-shirt for interview iscasual, clothes is wet before the concert

5.花需要光:put the flower to the window,the bookcase will preventthe sunlight, need the fresh

6.忘了:slip my mind, forgot to give the note tosomeone

7.图书馆: spend the whole day in the library, make the photocopy at library,meet at the library, return the books to the library, library is a better placeto study

8.室友: looking for a roommate, roommate should apologize, roommate is toonoisy,

9.吃的:fish can’t be eat,berry is a bush even for a bird,bread is over toasted,vegetables are over cooked, bread may be in the refrigerator,

10.借东西:lend me calculus book(calculator), borrow the money from check,borrow car for shopping

11.天气:clean up for picnic,cold enough for skating,snowing too much tofly, so hot that we need an air conditioner,

12.作业能否完成:wait till the last minute, chemistry test without time for reading,fill out the financial aid form without the priority, paper extended to thenext week

13.第三者:have done it for me

14.排队:magazine to kill the time, readthe magazine twice, go early for not queue

15.得病看医生:need another doctor, it isopen till 10 at the health center, take the pill the doctor assigned,

16.没空帮忙:can’t give you a ride due tothe meeting tomorrow morning,

17.锻炼减肥:lost weight, two blue clothesbut one with the large size

18.电影或音乐会:see the concert twice make sense again, sell ticket to you so thatyou come with me, lectured by some professor is worth watching

19.还书:return so as not to pay fine,help me return the books,

20.重新考虑以前的决定:reconsider your decision,

21.转让:movie ticket

22.加入社团:garden club, find anothercommittee member to replace,

23.认不出来:beard, bother is different,

24.住房:find an apartment under 500dollars, find a larger apartment, live nearer to the campus

25.放松:join a entertainment club forleisure, spend more time outdoors,

26.约会: (appointment), reschedule one ofthe appointment

27.关门了(过期了):museum closed, cafeteria closed,

28.照相:film run out, film not processed,film not good

29.同去:come go with me

30.太吵:too noisy, can’tconcentrate

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